There are NO shortcut my friends. There is NO secret. You must exercise, eat clean and do cardio PERIOD!


You should starve and just workout, you should do this _____ diet and not exercise, you should drink this shake, you should starve your body to death, you should do this “detox,” you should FREEZE your fat off, you should get this surgery, this shot, drink this, not that, eat this, not that, sprinkle this powder on your food, take this diuretic, fat burner, laxative, get this shot, go on a calorie restricted program (unhealthy way) of 500 calories only a day until you pass out, go to this weight loss clinic and buy their products, join this weight shedding company or program. There is no diet of the week or new super sensation.

Do you see how ridiculous this sounds when you read it and see it in black and white? Please understand of course they want to have you buy their stuff, they will tell you anything. This is not a 600 billion dollar industry for nothing. They will tell you and say anything to get you in their door. They prey on your pain, your desperation and your dreams of looking like those supermodels and air brushed magazine ads. You deserve better. You are worth more.


You must change what you eat, how you live and you must exercise….Lift weights and do cardio!

We need strength training. Why?

For Strong bones, to build lean muscle mass, to support our skeleton, to improve bone density, muscle helps also burn fat faster.

It is very important because our muscle mass declines as we age. It is called Sarcopenia or age related loss of muscle mass. Studies show our muscle strength declines 12- 15 % per decade and that we lose 1% of our lean muscle mass each year after the age of 30. (Yikes!) So if this happens our Body mass Index changes drastically and so does our shape.

These natural changes can be balanced out and possibly not as drastic with adding strength training to your lifestyle.

We need Cardio. Why?

It helps keep our cardiovascular system healthy (our heart) and our respiratory system. No air, no O2, no life!

NOW HEAR THIS: There is NO QUICK FIX !!!!!!!


Here is all you need to do. Eat clean, Lean protein, salads, veggies, low glycemic fruits, healthy fats, exercise, do weights, cardio, exercise that is fun to you. Stay away from soda, processed food, unrefined crap and sugar.

That is it. Anything that you do to your body trying to CHEAT your way to the goal is unhealthy and will really screw your metabolism up and maybe to the point that you cannot fix it. You could end up sick, hair falling out, hormone imbalance, some misc disease, endocrine issues, diabetes etc. The list goes on.

Please stop harming your beautiful precious body. You only get ONE BODY and if you mess it then where will you live?

There is NO magic wand and NO shortcut. You must do the work. The work is simply learning to live a new way. A plain and simple lifestyle change. Yes it is difficult in the beginning but anything worth having is worth it. If it was so super easy we would all be skinny and this industry would not be thriving.

It takes 21 days to make a change and to form a new habit.


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