Side-stretch2-400x266Tone your Chest and Arms up, right at work!


While you are at work, logging in hours at your desk why not put that time to good use. Make it fun, get up, do it every hour.


The following moves are EASY and will totally tone those arms chest, legs and core right up!


1). Seated Over head Extentions:

Sit upright and straight in your chair, feet flat on the floor. If you do not have a weight at work, use a water bottle or a heavier item from off your desk. Place the object(s) in one or both hands, arms up and close to head extended overhead.

Slowly lower your hands behind your head, bending elbows about 90 degrees, keeping them by your ears. Then lift your hands back up to the staring position. As an added bonus* keep your core tight, suck it in, pull belly back toward backbone, and work that core too. Double your Results!


2). Desk pushups:

Stand arms length away from your desk, lean forward into it, feet and legs out straight behind you. Place your feet together, spine neutral, body in a straight line. Slowly bend your elbows as you lower yourself toward your desk. Bend, lower yourself slowly, then go back to starting position. Keep that core tight!


3). Bonus:…….Add squats or lunges in too, work them legs!


Do all these exercises three times a day, in sets of 2 for 15 reps!