You feel like quitting and giving up? GOOD! You are NORMAL.

Here is the DIFFERENCE between the QUITTERS (they give up) and the SUCCESSFUL (they never quit).

When the QUITTERS feel like THROWING IN THE TOWEL and giving up they do. They do not even try to do something different, they simply cave and let their minds defeat them. They do the diet for one day and cave at the first sight of a cheat. They do not think it all the way through, they let their weakness and emotions get the best of them. They DO NOT FLEX their MIND muscle at all. They do not realize they really DO have CONTROL over their mind and their self defeating thoughts.

The SUCCESSFUL find a way. They are tenacious. They DO what the quitters wont do, they FIGHT. They get up out of bed, they lace up the sneakers anyway, they go do the work, they fight the negative thought processes, they remain laser focused and hopeful. They BELIEVE in themselves. They have a crystal clear VISION. They work out when they DO NOT feel like it. They understand that the very thing they do not want to do is the very thing they need to do to FEEL their BEST! They eat right even though they want that piece of cake so bad, They do NOT let other people who are not on track, sidetrack them.

The successful NEVER give up!

Which one are you going to BE?