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I started to follow Cindy Cox-Ruccolo Fitness on Facebook. Her little tips really worked for me, any questions I had, she would answer without hesitation. I decided to do 10 sessions with her. On our first meeting, It was like I’ve known her for years.

I did that three times.

Cindy is warm, genuine and really cares about her clients!

Mind you, I’m 49 years old never hired a life/personal coach..It is the best thing I ever did…. On our first meeting, I couldn’t jog 50 feet without being out of breath….Climbing Stairs–yeah right….Jump rope…ha….what?

She is a Godsend. She truly loves her work. This is her passion help all people. For the first time in my life, I can truly say I love Myself….We met 3xs a week, she called me at least once a day. Sent daily Motivational text messages…(she still does) to make sure I’m on track. Well, I followed her plan, and did what she said, she always made sure I did my exercises the right way. She gave me a personal weight loss plan.

Cindy, has “No Bull” plan..It works….I know….I have met and surpassed so many goals…When I started I was like 168, today I am happy to say, I am at 140, and still losing weight, gaining muscle. Did someone say, “Man” pushups..I can do it….Jog, run, Jump rope, weights, come on…Planks–Bicycle ride 15 miles every other day….Yep I’m doing it, can’t forget the kayaking, yoga….(did I mention I work 8-10 hours a day too)

I didn’t or wasn’t able to do half of this as a kid, now at 49 I’m DOING it…Thanks to Cindy…

Her approach is very personable, everyone has a different work out.

I am a totally different person…My “Mind, Body and Soul”.

If your hesitant, don’t be. Do a consultation, Your life will change forever!

You will NOT be disappointed.

Thank you Cindy!!! For everything you taught me about myself. I will be forever be grateful…ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible…




This lady!!

I know it sounds strange, but I cannot be more thankful for my car accident that brought me to Cindy. Not only did she target my injured area (neck), but she targeted the rest of my body to help improve the damage. She has changed my life and my body. I have never received the amount of compliments I have since starting to see her. Keep in mind that I see this amazing woman ONCE a week. However, this doesn’t keep her from texting me throughout the week to tell me how I killed a workout or that she is proud of me or even better she texts me new work outs I can do at home! She is there for you 100% in every capacity. She cares about you and your body and mind and pushes you without making you feel like you are at a boot camp. There were times I thought I could not do what she wanted, but then my body surprises me and I can KILL IT and she always reminds me how great I am doing. If you want someone who will personalize your work outs for your body and to encourage you and make you feel like you can do anything you have to come to see her. Again, I am so thankful for that car accident…how many people can say that?!

Cindy, thank you for being in my life and being an amazing trainer. You have become more than that and I consider you a great friend because being around you makes my heart warm and reminds me there are good people in this chaotic world. Love you, girl!

Kimbo Baggins

November 2011 I had a life-changing event. I walked into the ER feeling anxiety and pain radiating down my arms. Five days later I was released from the ICU with 2 stents in a coronary artery. I am 47 years old and I now have to regularly see a cardiologist. Great. At least I now have the right motivation to finally lose my weight that has slowly crept on over the past decade and transition over to eating heart-healthy foods. 

Before this event, I had tried to lose weight. I was on several plans, you know, the ones with celebrity endorsers. On those plans, I would lose 10 pounds in a month, get bored, and then give up. With my health now on the line, I knew I needed a solid plan. I had been watching the Cindy Ruccolo Fitness page on Facebook and started to follow some of her daily tips. Eventually, I picked up the phone and made the call. That call was my second life-changing event in a very short period of time. 

With a 30 minute phone call, an email or two, and a trip to the grocery store I was on my way to the new me. By the end of the first week, I had lost 8 pounds. WOW, REALLY?!? Two months later I was at our high school reunion and down 20 pounds. I felt fantastic and the compliments were pouring in! I am now down almost 30 pounds and looking and feeling awesome! 

While I love the compliments, encouragement, and support from friends, the biggest win for me is the intrinsic value I feel about myself. I feel confident, strong, empowered, and in total control of me. My confidence levels are soaring and I feel the most social I have felt in years…and oh yeah, I don’t cringe at the thought of a bathing suit outting! I’m throwing away the fat clothes because I’m never going back! 

Oh, and about that coronary artery disease? Clearly, it was caused by poor cholesterol. I just got my new results in the mail after being on the Cindy Ruccolo nutrition plan. My cholesterol is now 124 and my LDL (bad cholesterol) is at 65 so I’m looking good on the inside as well as the outside! 

Cindy Ruccolo Fitness is where it’s at. Any questions while on her plan? She’s just a text or call away. She is a fitness guru and a powerhouse motivator! She offers great support and is always in touch with you. Call her now, you’d be crazy not to!

Leslie Larson



I was lucky enough to find Cindy through my massage therapist, Deborah McDonough. I was lamenting the fact that I could not find the gym or the trainer that suited all my needs. I did not want to be rushed through a workout where I might not be using correct form or a techno infused class. I wanted to incorporate cardio, stretching, strength training, pilates and yoga-which I had given up finding, since it was such a large order.

Thankfully I found and called Cindy and have been training with her since February. She has listened to me and met my needs. When I get off course, she gets me back on. She has encouraged me to push myself and as well as making sure I quiet my mind and take time for myself. I have been a tough nut to crack and she has been patient with me, challenged me and through her patience I have learned clean eating habits, tools for making better choices, and exercises I can do while travelling, which is a big part of my life. From my relationship with Cindy, I have lost over 28 pounds, my goal was 20 and it just keeps coming off. 

My Cardiologist has taken me off Simistatin-my cholesterol medicine. I owe all this to Cindy and her program, and for training all of me, diet, exercise and time for myself to breathe and relax.

Thank you Cindy!!!!!

Liz Forde



To who this may concern:

I have known Cindy Ruccolo for the last 7 years.

She is my trainer over the last five years and has always carried out her duties in a most professional and excellent manner and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone because of her wonderful work ethics enthusiasm that have been the best at all times.

She has changed my way of eating and reshaping my body to a wonderful standard.

Norman M Raven FRICS Realtor® / Owner

 My name is Shelley Lewis and I wish I could be there with you all today. Unfortunately, I’m in Ocala visiting my sister this weekend for her birthday.

I went to one of Cindy’s workshops on February 26th, just like you are here today. I met with Cindy on March 14th for the first time. She measured me, told me what I needed to be eating and what not to eat. It was a very simple language I could understand. Don’t count anything. Eat five or six times a day. Eat lean protein, oatmeal, nuts, olive oil, eggs and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut out sugar, full-fat dairy, bread, butter, and any processed foods. I was determined to lose weight this time and keep it off for good. I immediately started losing weight and I felt great. Cindy was right when she said I would start feeling great and I would have a lot of energy.

While following Cindy’s eating plan I also worked out (and continue to do so) with her three times a week. She motivates me to push myself to become lean and fit. I can do things now that I never thought I could. I can do bicep curls with 15-pound weights, jump rope 300 times, 20 lunges with 10-pound weights, a plank for 60 seconds with leg lifts and 20 push-ups. This might only be half our workout for the hour. I’m 53 years old and I never thought I could become so fit again after not being this activity for at least 5 years.

In the last 90 days, I’ve lost thirty pounds following Cindy’s plan for eating and exercising. I’ve lost 16 inches total from my chest, thighs, waist, hips, and arms. In July of 2010, my doctor wanted to put me on medication for high cholesterol.  My cholesterol was 226 but I just had a blood test this week and it went down to 165. My doctor was totally amazed at the difference of 30 pounds, exercising, and the right eating could make.

I hope that my story will help you in your journey to get lean and fit. Cindy has changed my life using her experiences with diet and fitness. Her plan works and she will see you through to your goal. She will encourage and motivate you to change the way you feel and look.

I know you all can change the way you look and feel too. Her program gets into your total being. Body Mind and Spirit, not just BODY! You will learn so much and it will help you on many levels! I will say: It takes determination, willpower, and total commitment. The most important catalyst to the formula is Cindy Cox-Ruccolo. 

Thank You, Cindy. You’re the best.


I came to Cindy Ruccolo Fitness wanting to “lean and tighten” up to prepare myself physically and mentally for my future competitions on American Ninja Warrior. I have been training for the past year to compete and keep myself strong and in shape. I was looking to drop a few pounds and eat healthier for future endeavors and to also better myself long term. At 41, you have to fight harder, and train more to be able to have that lean and fit body everyone wants to have. Cindy started me on a “clean and tight” meal plan to tone and make me and my body healthier. Cindy has been so supportive and encouraging to me throughout this meal plan, that I could not have succeeded without her support. She has become a great friend and moral supporter in my life, and I am forever grateful for all of the help she has given to me. She’s not only a trainer with the meal plan, but an encourager on a daily basis to keep moving forward and not quit. I have dropped -11.5 lb in the first month of my eating healthy plan. I have never felt more energy and overall enthusiasm to keep eating healthy and continuing on my health and wellness journey moving forward. It is truly a life changing experience, not only for your body but for your mind and soul. Cindy is the best! You won’t find anyone better to help you reach success and keep the weight off permanently. You can be successful with anything in life if you refuse to give up and believe in yourself! Thank you Cindy for your continued support – I love ya girl!

Stephanie J DiAlberto


There are no words, but I am going to try. Your program changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.

You have taught me how to get back up after I was knocked down by life. I was overweight, I was sick with various diseases. Doctors had me several different medications, I was not sleeping, I was in a bad marriage, a job I could not stand, I was working 10 to 12-hour days, I was fat, miserable and then sick. I was drinking too much. I was not able to control my stress. I was on a path that was spiraling down. I felt like I could not get a grip. And I was in the public eye with a high-profile job, this was not good!

Then………I met you!

You were so kind and warm and you lead with such heart and soul. You were a Godsend.
You seem to understand everything I was going through and you knew exactly how to guide and direct me out of the through of hell and bring me back to being healthy, fit and happy again.

I am proud to say I have lost 52 lbs. in total so far, I am off 4 of my 5 medications, I am happy and off my antidepressants. I had to go buy all new clothes because I would put on my pants and they would literally fall to the ground.

Your program is perfect because it addresses all the areas that are necessary for success. The MIND portion to help you get out of your stinkin thinkin and SHIFT to better thoughts, more positive and to learn to reprogram your mind and way of thinking.

The DIET part was miraculous because you not only told me what to eat, you taught me HOW, WHEN and what combinations were the POWER combos to burn FAT, get me lean, stronger and providing me sustainable energy to power through my day.

The SPIRIT and Soul part was necessary because I had none in my life. This was the piece that helped me connect all the dots. I learned how to honor, support and love myself. And that I was here for more than existing and I learned I had a purpose.

Your Accountability system and program you created is second to none because it ensures everyone Succeeds, you cover all the bases and make it impossible for anyone to fail or fall short on reaching any of their goals. No one falls through the cracks.

You make others realize ANYTHING is possible and with you it is.

I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for changing my existence and giving me my life back!


I have been training with Cindy off and on for 10 years and she seriously knows how to motivate, inspire and educate her clients. I also have seen her change MANY people lives in ways that are hard to describe. They have lost 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds. She helps with their confidence, discipline, self esteem, health and gives people a whole new way to look at their lives. I highly recommend her as a trainer, coach, guru, friend etc. She knows her stuff, has over 27 years experience, was a NPC competitive bodybuilder for 5 years and knows like nobody’s business HOW to get a person in shape. She is a truly caring, warm and a genuine person. You will not be disappointed. With her program, you will be entering the TRUE NO EXCUSES ZONE. She does not take excuses BUT will get you to your goal. She is NOT just another trainer She gets you working her Program, her Fitness Trinity, Mind, Body and Spirit. She does not put you on just another diet, she teaches you a new lifestyle. A new way of life to live for the REST of your life, and a HEALTHY way! Hire her without reservation.

You will NOT be sorry! Visit her at www.wellnesswarriorfitgoddess.com on FB or IG, DO IT!

James J.

Viviana Ingellis to Cindy Ruccolo Fitness

If you are looking for someone not only extremely knowledgeable, but passionate, and experienced to boot, Cindy is your gal :). In a professional and personal setting Cindy lives and breathes health and wellness and truly gives so much of her positive and uplifting energy into improving the areas of health that you want to address. I feel so grateful knowing I have her in my corner to be able to learn from her and anyone even pondering the thought of working with her should jump on it! She will change your life only for the better!

Viviana I


I want to thank you because when I came to you I was a mess. I ate away my emotions and numbed myself with food.

I knew I had the right person when I met you and you told me, you also had been through this and you knew EXACTLY how to overcome it and how to help me.
You promised and you delivered.

Through your program, I learned some tremendous and valuable tools that I will always use and refer back to. I am using most of them to GET THRU my day, each day as it stands now.

I tried the countless diet, weight loss programs, pills, and just about everything.

I was just about to give up before I met you.

Your program works. You get right to the heart of the issues.

I now know:
Food is not my friend
I do not really find the comfort I am seeking in food
Comfort food is a lie
I can not eat away my problems
The food and cravings have nothing to do with WHY I am eating
You have to take care of what’s down deep to resolve the Emotional Eating
It is a journey, it is not easy, BUT you CAN do it.
When I feel that feeling. I journal. I stop and check in with myself!

All I can say is THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY heart!

I love you girl,


Those of you who know me have noticed that I look very different lately. I lost 25 pounds this year and have been taking better care of myself in general. The secret? A great fad diet that I had heard about all my life, but never tried. Yes, I did the pills, the wraps, the latest machines (my arm got pretty firm from dusting them), the cabbage soup diet, the cookie diet – and actually had modest results with the Atkins diet BUT this one really works. It is called “Eat healthy, eat bad less and eat good and more often, and exercise.” Dang it – the magic pills were so much easier…

I met Cindy Ruccolo when we both volunteered at a fundraiser for Chaminade-Madonna High School. We were paired up to bartend. I found out that she is a mortgage broker and had been in the US Navy. She immediately became my partner in my crusade to fight the discrimination that our veterans were experiencing when they tried to buy property with VA loans.

What I did not know was that she is a fitness trainer. I was ready to try anything (heck, I already had…) and scheduled a consultation. My MO is to not eat until about 2 PM, scarf something down and then not eat again until about 6 – and binge eat until bedtime.
Cindy told me I would have to “create a new habit” and eat every four hours. Huh?! I fought her every step of the way. I had already heard for 40 years that I should be eating breakfast. My stock reply was always, “I can’t eat on an empty stomach.” The breakfast proponents would continue to turn me off by telling me that I should have oatmeal, juice, a piece of fruit and/or an egg, etc. Gag.

Cindy asked me if I thought I could eat half a banana or an apple. How about 8 almonds? OK – I had to agree that even I could do that. I bought the baby Manzana bananas and the gala apples – the smallest I could find – and religiously ate half; four hours later, the other half. I bought the Bel Paese baby cheese balls and would eat one of those. The next thing I knew I was eating a half wheat bagel or a small bowl of cereal with blueberries – maybe a smoothie. I started taking vitamins including magnesium which helped control my appetite.

The next hurdle for her (oh, yeah, I made everything HER responsibility…) was to get me to exercise. If God wanted me to exercise, he would have given me muscles…oh wait…anyway, same theory. Weight training is the easiest way to go so she had me get a mat, a ball, stretch bands and 5 pound weights. I was a TV junkie so all I had to do was a few reps during the commercials. Plus I LOVE to exercise in the pool so that worked while it was warmer. But like the food habits, I created an exercise habit. With the weight loss came the loose skin problem. But now I actually want to do something about it so I was ready when she came over last week and gave me specific exercises that will address only the areas I want to change.

And yes, I feel better than I ever did, have more energy, yada yada, yada. Don’t you just hate when that happens…

And when people ask me how I did it, my answer has been “A hot young lover”. OK that is partially true. I don’t think I would have been in the frame of mind to be open to a relationship if I hadn’t been feeling good about myself.

When Cindy found out that was my answer, she was LIVID! I have been ordered to replace that answer with “Cindy Ruccolo!” So this article is my mea culpa. See below for info about Cindy – she is one of my favorite people, a great lady, and so easy to work with; I am very grateful to her for patience, counsel and expertise. Feeling Good Now!

Cindy Abraham