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Wellness Coach South Florida


How I can help

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • MindSet Coaching
  • Natural Hormone Balancing
  • Stress Reduction
  • LifeStyle Transformational MakeOver
  • Lifestyle Kitchen Makeover & VIP Day with Cindy
  • Grocery Shopping Excursion
  • Clean Eating Nutrition Plan and Consultation
  • Post Rehab Conditioning

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Make today the day you free yourself. You can get in the best shape of your life regardless of age. Tighten, tone, look better, feel amazing, get leaner, toner, have a firmer physique without working out for hours on end. Burn unwanted body fat fast with my breakthrough methods.


Learn how to reset and speed up your metabolism and burn unwanted Fat for good. I teach you tips and tricks to harness the power of your own fat burning. Turn your incinerator switch to ON. Learn how to eat to control and crush your cravings for good.

My program takes the guesswork out of it. I create a personalized eating plan for you, you will know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. I teach you how to use calories for fuel instead of storing them as fat. Turn your body into a FAT burning machine. With my program, there is no pre-packaged food to buy, no pills, no special drinks, no shots, no starvation diets, and no trying to out-exercise a bad diet. You will eat real food and you even get cheat meals, which could include wine, chocolate or your favorite treats.

Mindset Coaching

Break free today. Let me help you move past the blocks that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from creating the grandest vision for your life so you can finally be who and what you have always wanted to be. Together we can break the ties that bind by uncovering unconscious blocks and triggers that lie beneath the wound. Learn to shift the things that keep you from putting your best foot forward. Sometimes simple shifts can transform our lives, relationships, career satisfaction, ability to be happy again, body image, self-esteem, physique, and overall well being.

Hormone Balancing Naturally

Get your hormones back into balance. Sometimes simple Resets such as right supplementation, sleep hygiene, stress reduction techniques, special tinctures, herbs, proper nutrition and lifestyle changes are enough to help your hormones get back into alignment naturally.

Stress Reduction

Get your “OM” on. Learn relaxation techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety naturally with special modalities and without the very dangerous medications. Various techniques in my signature system include: Tapping, grounding in nature, water therapy, meditation, reiki, deep belly breathing, journaling, powerful prayer and more.

Lifestyle Transformational Makeover

Say goodbye to the old you, the outdated programs and way of living you have been clinging onto forever. Let go of negative belief systems, old programs and tapes that are no longer serving you to your best and highest good. If you keep hitting a wall, have tried everything and nothing is working, you are in the right place. Tap into that well of strength deep within and channel that inner Warrior Goddess. My signature system will help you break free of the old cycles for good. This program is my extensive training program that includes everything…fitness, nutrition, mindset coaching, stress reduction, balancing hormones and a full lifestyle makeover. You will rise from the ashes as the Divine Fit Gorgeous Goddess of Light you have always wanted to be.

Lifestyle & Kitchen Makeover
(VIP Day with Cindy)

One Hour Consultation:
This Service provides a “crash course” in Clean Eating 101. You will learn everything you need to know to get in your BEST shape ever.

Here is where you will finally uncover what habits have kept you stuck and the simple SHIFTS you can make to reap HUGE RESULTS.

We go over your pre-written 3-day food journal, meal by meal, here we can see exactly what has been holding you back for so long. Foods you have been eating, thoughts you’ve been thinking, and this will pinpoint exactly what has been blocking you all these years from becoming your BEST Self.

My Signature System makes it impossible to fail. You will stop the cycle of yo-yo-ing and end the weight gain-weight loss cycle for good!

Kitchen Make-Over:
There is a saying “ABS are made in the kitchen.” This is so true because 80% of your Success lies in your Diet. 80/20 rule. 80% Diet, 20% workouts.

As we dive deeper into our Transformative process we go to the Kitchen. Here we clean out your fridge, cupboards, pantry and prepare them to be re-stocked with Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Based, Whole living Food. Your Cells will thank you!

Clean Eats will ensure your Body will be happy and changed from the Inside-Out forever.

Field Trip:
Next Stop a Field Trip to the Organic store of your choice to shop for the right foods that will support us and our goals for this new Life.

As we go through each label and all ingredients, I will show you how each item is either helping you or hindering you in obtaining the results you seek. You will Learn how to read and understand ingredients, what is Good (Nutritious) or Bad (Full of Fillers and Chemical laden). This step will clarify what is truly Healthy and Nutritious.

Once you learn how to decipher code and what is holding you back, you can start feeding your Cells the right Nutrition they need to be your Healthiest and Fittest ever.

We must take control of our Body Temple and be our own Health Advocate.

We cannot put our health care in the hands of Doctors and Drugs, who by the way in College only approx. 4% of them are taught anything about Nutrition. Do not get me wrong Doctors have their place but it is not in prevention.

Your HEALTH is up to you!

90% of Dis-Ease can be prevented or healed through a Plant-based Diet.

Our Bodies are innately intelligent. Feed your Body the right food. Give it what it needs to heal itself!

We cannot put bad gas in our Car’s fuel tank and expect it to run optimally, it is the same with our Body.

Work Out Plan Just For You:
I will customize a “Full Body No Excuses Work Out” that you can do in 30 minutes or less each day. This workout will Tighten and Tone your body to ensure you look and feel your personal best again!

De-Stressing Techniques:
Get your “OM” on by learning a simple Deep Breathing Meditation for Daily Stress Reduction. I will teach you EFT (tapping), and How to effectively Meditate your way to a Lean, Calm Body. Part of being able to lose weight is keeping your Stress at a minimum so you can Burn Fat instead of Storing it. It is imperative to keep all of our Important Hormones Happy.

Grocery Shopping Excursion

We do a grocery shopping excursion to a whole food or organic market of your choice. I teach you how to decipher code (ingredients), how to read labels and understand all the ingredients you are putting into your Body Temple. Find out which foods are good, which ones are bad and exactly which ones may be slowing down your progress and hindering your results.

Clean Eating Nutrition Plan
and Consultation

  • One-hour Consultation educating you on how to lose the weight and keep it off
  • Education on Exactly what foods are good, bad and why.
  • Customized Meal plan designed just for you
  • Once a week Accountability Coaching Call
  • A Personalized daily Food Journal

Post Rehab Conditioning

Patients often wonder with what to do after PT ends.

They are given HEP (home exercise plan) and are confused about how to execute safely, often struggle with motivation, and question exactly what to do and have a hard time continuing their journey.

This is where I come in with my Post Rehab Conditioning Program!

Getting started is easy:

I come to you and do a Consultation.

I custom design a detailed plan to help you get back to your Optimum health and wellness.

My Proven System includes:

1). Strengthening your Physical Body
Increasing your flexibility, improving your mobility and protecting you against future injuries

2). A Personal Nutrition Plan for you
Created just for you. My plan ensures you feel and look your best. It takes the guesswork out of it. It tells you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.

3). Reprogramming the Mindset for Success
Often ignored, this crucial piece is imperative to get you where you ultimately want to be.
Think of it as a road map. You must always have a plan to get anywhere you intend to be!
You do not just get in your car and haphazardly hope you will get there. No, you have a map to get you successfully to your destination.

My signature system is a Holistic approach. I treat the Body as a whole from an Inside Out approach.

We begin with working on controlling inflammation within through a customized nutrition program which helps you cleanse and detox your Body first. Nutrition is key, our Bodies are innately intelligent, they are designed to heal themselves when given the proper nutrients.
You cannot put bad gas in your car and expect it to not break down and to continue to run optimally, and it is the same with your Body!

I provide my clients with a complete Fitness and Nutrition Program that helps them to further heal and restore their Body back to the prior level of function and to reach their maximum potential. My clients improve their Bodies, Minds, Blood panels, overall health and even lose 100’s of pounds if necessary.

This is not just a diet or another exercise plan, this is a whole new way of life.

I teach you how to grocery shop, decipher the code, read labels, prep your food and prepare your meals for the week ahead of time to ensure your success.

You are getting a second chance, to look and feel better than ever before. YOU are worth it!

fitness for older people south florida

Baby Boomer Fitness

Are you a Senior or a Baby Boomer struggling with Mobility, Strength, Balance, Coordination, Extreme Fatigue, Lack of Energy or even Dizziness?

I can help YOU overcome these Obstacles for good!

Find out how you can:

  • Build Strength
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Improve Coordination
  • Eat correctly to feel more Energetic Daily
  • Use simple steps daily to Decrease Fatigue
  • Implement techniques to get rid of the Dizziness symptoms
  • Learn simple strategies to improve your Balance and Decrease your Fall Risk

Mobility is everything!

We must be super vigilant and aware of the importance of keeping our Aging Bodies in motion. Movement is imperative.

Being able to move and sustain our Mobility makes our daily activities of living much easier and our lives better through improving our quality of life, vitality and most importantly keeping our independence longer.

Newtons law of motion applies here:
A Body in Motion Stays in Motion.

It is easy. I create a simple plan you can do with me or on your own right in the convenience of your own home, in as little as 15-30 minutes a day.

Aging in years is inevitable, getting old is an option.

People are saying

I started to follow Cindy Cox-Ruccolo Fitness on Facebook. Her little tips really worked for me, any questions I had, she would answer without hesitation. I decided to do 10 sessions with her. On our first meeting, It was like I’ve known her for years.

I did that 3 times.

Cindy is warm, genuine and really cares about her clients!

Mind you, I’m 49 years old never hired a life/personal coach..It is the best thing I ever did….On our first meeting, I couldn’t jog 50 feet without being out of breath….Climbing Stairs–yeah right….Jump rope…ha….what?

She is a Godsend. She truly loves her work. This is her passion to help all people. For the first time in my life, I can truly say I love Myself….We met 3 times a week, she called me at least once a day. Sent daily Motivational text messages…(she still does) to make sure I’m on track. Well, I followed her plan, and did what she said, she always made sure I did my exercises the right way. She gave me a personal weight loss plan.

Cindy, has No Bull” plan..It works….I know….I have met and surpassed so many goals…When I started I was like 168, today I am happy to say, I am at 140, and still losing weight, gaining muscle. Did someone say, “Man” pushups..I can do it….Jog, run, Jump rope, weights, come on…Planks–Bicycle ride 15 miles every other day….Yep I’m doing it, can’t forget the kayaking, yoga….(did I mention I work 8-10 hours a day too)

I didn’t or wasn’t able to do half of this as a kid, now at 49 I’m DOING it…Thanks to Cindy…

Her approach is very personable, everyone has a different work out.

I am a totally different person…My “Mind, Body and Soul”.

If your hesitant, don’t be. Do a consultation, Your life will change forever!

You will NOT be disappointed.

Thank you Cindy!!! For everything, you taught me about myself. I will forever be grateful…ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible…