Ever find yourself too pooped to party?  One of the biggest culprits could be a magnesium deficiency!

I was feeling very tired and had a lot of pain in my joints, back, and body in general. This important mineral is needed for more than a 300 biochemical reactions in the body and one important function is the actual breakdown of glucose into much needed energy.  Women can have more aches, pains and higher heart rates. These higher heart rates and any stressors on our systems make our body work harder than usual which zaps our energy. Always get your levels and proper blood work, keep an eye on your vitamin and hormone levels. A better and more effective way to check your hormones is through saliva testing.

A good way to be proactive and to also boost your energy naturally is:

* Get more sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene. Make sure your bedroom environment is conducive to good solid Zzzz’s.

* East more fish.

*Drink more water. Slight dehydration makes you feel tired and lethargic.

* Add raw unsalted almonds and cashews to your diet. Healthy fat will help.

* Take more naps. Short cat naps are good, no longer than 15 or 20 minutes. Perfect for leaving you feeling refreshed.

* Talk walks. Quick walks will help keep your energy levels up and good for blood flow to the brain and circulation.

* Do not skip meals. Eat every 3 hours. Keep blood sugar levels normalized and energy stores happening.

*Reduce your stress. Doing something like deep breathing exercises, meditation and journalling will help with this.

* Drink less alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body, zaps your energy and the empty calories put on unwanted pounds.

* Eat less processed food. This Anti-food is not a good source of nutrition and will leave you feeling tanked immediately.

* Eat less sugar. This spikes your blood sugar and quickly crashes with a rapid drop, this will leave you feeling drained.

* Snack on Protein and clean snacks. These are muscle friendly will give you lasting energy and keep you feeling full longer.

* Make each meal a combo of a lean protein, a complex water based carb and a healthy fat.