Does this title resonate with you? Do you feel like you are Stella when she lost her groove? Do you know anyone else who has “lost their mojo”? This is the worst feeling ever. You feel like you are losing it and will never find your way back. Let’s help Stella get her groove back! It is normal to feel out of sync and to feel lost especially when you fall off the wagon, so to speak. We all tend to get a little lost at times or slip out of our good habits and then what follows is we begin to feel down on ourselves. We cannot hit a home run everyday. Everyday is not always picture perfect. However, the good thing is nothing lasts forever and tomorrow is a new day and we guess what? We can always start again.

Here is what I know, as long as you have hope in your heart, a little faith and belief that things CAN get better, they will. YOU have the power to CHANGE anything and you are really quite magical if you would simply believe this to be true. You can be or do anything, if YOU simply believe. You CAN get back to your inner warrior. Do not worry if you are reading this and trying to better yourself, you are already on your way up and onto a better situation. When you find yourself in this space of feeling lost, off track or simply wanting to change your life, do not feel down, this is actually a good place to be. It is cool, because the universe has put you there for a reason. To help you regroup, renew, re-evolve and transform into the being you were meant to be. Everything is divinely orchestrated. If we do not move toward change and it is the universe’s plan for us to SHIFT, the universe will see to it that it get’s your attention somehow! It will be ok. Do not worry though, I promise, this is good! It is like the caterpillar leaving the cocoon and then evolving into this beautiful butterfly. This is a time of miraculous evolution.

Here we are thinking it it devastating and we are oh so fearful. If we could in this moment, STOP and tap into awareness. At that moment, right then SHIFT our perspective to one of positive action, it is then we could be in charge of our miracle and redirect our energy and vibration which would set in motion the universal plan of exactly what we want to intend to happen. We set the intention and we manifest exactly what we want to attract into our life. Sound too good to be true? Well it is not. This is exactly how the universal laws that of intention, manifestation, and abundance work. If you can conceive it you can achieve it. It is super important when creating a new life for yourself that you fake it till you make it.

Act as if, whether you really believe it or not. IMAGINE. BELIEVE IT. VISUALIZE. CREATE IT. How exactly do you ask? Easy! Find a quiet space. Sit quiet. Go within. Visualize exactly how you want your life to look. What do you want to transpire? Picture it. Never think about or give any energy to what you do not want to happen. Do not focus on that stuff at all. No what if’s. Picture what you want exactly as you want it and think about that all day everyday. Stand your ground. Foot down, do not get bullied by your ego, your thoughts, and most certainly anyone else’s opinions of what you should be or do. These opinions are not good for you because they are based and on someone else’s experiences and it is not your Dharma. It is not going to be your experience. Do not let them impregnate you with their mind viruses. That is not your reality.

Trust the universe. Allow yourself the space in safety and calm to figure out what you really want and need in your life. When you are crystal clear then implement the above steps to bring in into fruition. Breathe life into your vision.

It is your life. Step into it. Take action. Stand up for yourself and your life. It is ok to BE INSANELY HAPPY, and to remain optimally healthy forever.

I believe in you and infinite possibilities! You will arise from the ashes renewed and Stella will get her groove back! Here’s to the NEW improved happier YOU!