Do you really want to change something? …………..Don’t be afraid my friend…………………………..

I know you have been wanting and thinking about taking that action step.
AND….something STOPS you! You get that feeling of fear (false expectations appearing real) and you do the same thing over and over, you say you are going to do it, you plan for it, then you just cannot execute your plan. This is just your fear. The little celestial nudge you keep getting is YOUR SPIRIT TALKING TO YOU! Learn to quiet yourself and tune in! You are SO worth the change and it keeps coming up for you over and over right? This is evidence that it needs to be done!

Think back to when you were last afraid to do something and you mustered up the strength and you did and the outcome was AMAZING and you did it! It was a SUCCESS. This is how you must believe about your next step this time. DO NOT allow any doubting thoughts to lie to you any longer or to linger in your head, just MAKE A DECISION, Set a Goal, Set a date and execute your plan. If you were waiting for a sign……HERE IT IS! Go for it! This is your time!

Make your self proud, give your self confidence and self esteem the boost it needs and wants, BE BRAVE and BOLD.

Scary to make change? YES! Exciting? YES! Sometimes that feeling you get of fear is really excitement you are feeling.

Your body already knows it is going to be a good outcome.

Trust your inner guidance, every time!

No other person; friends, psychic, family member or otherwise know better than YOU, what YOU need to do or should do. TRUST your inner knowing and guidance. TUNE IN, GO silently within…….

All YOUR answers you need for this journey are right there waiting for you!