Why choose fruit?
They used to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While that may still be true, it also staves off the fat. We changed our apple mantra to, an apple a day helps keep the blubber away. Apples and Pears alike are full of FIBER. The main fiber in say a green apple is Pectin. Fiber is important because it is slow to digest and sticks to your ribs. It gives you that full and satisfied feeling for longer. Fiber forms a sort of gel in the stomach to provide more hunger curbing power. Some ask, why choose fruit? It has much more fiber and Nutrition that any pre packaged food or anything fast foody. Fruits counterbalance effects on blood sugar, way better option than sugary drinks, snacks, sweeteners or any highly processed snack options.

Take slow bites, be sure and chew it up up really good. Be present when eating.
Practice Mindful Eating! Practice mindful eating, it is not just another diet.