Dear Universe,
Thank you for EVERYTHING. The struggles that have taught me to STRONG. The Heartbreaks that have taught me how to forgive and how to heal myself, self love…what it is and how to LOVE myself more.
The adversities that have taught me to be a survivor and have helped me to heal and grow.
The abuse that has taught me to set healthy boundaries and learn what NOT to Allow and Accept. The LACK and days with nothing that have taught me to be more Grateful. The tragic LOSS that has taught me to appreciate all the things I have all the time and to not to take anything for granted. The bad jobs that have taught me to innovative and CREATIVE. The sickness that has taught me how to honor my body and health. And overall……for blessing me with the incredible gifts to share with others to help them reshape and shift their lives, to empower them to step into their greatness! Cindy….. Cindy Ruccolo Fitness ♥