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People are saying

I came to Cindy Ruccolo Fitness wanting to “lean and tighten” up to prepare myself physically and mentally for my future competitions on American Ninja Warrior. I have been training for the past year to compete and keep myself strong and in shape. I was looking to drop a few pounds and eat healthier for future endeavors and to also better myself long term. At 41, you have to fight harder, and train more to be able to have that lean and fit body everyone wants to have. Cindy started me on a “clean and tight” meal plan to tone and make me and my body healthier. Cindy has been so supportive and encouraging to me throughout this meal plan, that I could not have succeeded without her support. She has become a great friend and moral supporter in my life, and I am forever grateful for all of the help she has given to me. She’s not only a trainer with the meal plan, but an encourager on a daily basis to keep moving forward and not quit. I have dropped -11.5 lb in the first month of my eating healthy plan. I have never felt more energy and overall enthusiasm to keep eating healthy and continuing on my health and wellness journey moving forward. It is truly a life changing experience, not only for your body but for your mind and soul. Cindy is the best! You won’t find anyone better to help you reach success and keep the weight off permanently. You can be successful with anything in life if you refuse to give up and believe in yourself! Thank you Cindy for your continued support – I love ya girl!

Stephanie J DiAlberto