Chronic inflammation is the root of all evil. Over the long term it can wreck havoc on your once health body, organs, all systems and it can even prematurely age you. (yikes!)

Some of the known causes include: 

Bad Diet

Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of exercise

Bad sleep habits


Chronic long term stress

(and the list goes on).


Steps you can take to reduce your systemic inflammation and stop the vicious side effects in their tracks:


1). Clean up your Diet.

Go more Plant Based. Eat more nutrient dense food, eat dark leafy greens, ginger, good oils, flax seed, berries, nuts, seeds, and turmeric.

Get rid of chemically laden foods, that includes ingredients you cannot even pronounce. Learn to be label conscious. Eliminate Processed food, all anti foods. Say no to animal products, say your good byes to Sugar, Flour, Gluten, Wheat for good. Get rid of anything in a box.

Great philosophy to live by:

If it does not swim in the sea, walk on the ground or grow out of the ground, Do NOT eat it.

And even then BE PICKY. Go Organic as much as possible. Educate yourself. (Dirty Dozens) etc. For fish pick wild instead of farmed. Watch your mercury content in the tunas. (mercury is cumulative). Just be more mindful.


2). Take supplements.

Get your Vitamin D, A good fish oil (Krill). Vitamin C.

Get tested and ask your Nutritionist what is right for you.


3). Probiotics.

What are they?

Probiotics are living micro-organisms that boost health when consumed in adequate amounts. There are specific types for addressing specific health conditions and body systems.

Get a handle on your gut health. Sometimes its bad biome gone wild in there.

Bad flora takes over. 90% of your immune system is in your Gut. Having the right amount of good bacteria in the gut is linked to numerous benefits, such as: improved digestion, weight loss, improved immune functions, reduced risk of diseases, healthier skin, etc.

There are many great probiotics on the market. I personally love Garden of Eden. Look for ones that have billions of CFU’s (colony formed units) which means the active micro-organisms that can be found in a serving of the probiotic you are taking. I find the higher the better for me. I take 50 billion for women.


Disclaimer- There can be side effects from taking too much, you must find one that suits you. They can give you digestive disturbances, use with caution.


If our immune system is not up to par it is a grand opportunity for our bodies to become susceptible to a host of maladies, such as; chronic infections, bacteria’s, frequent colds, viruses, illnesses, allergies and food sensitivities.


Chronic inflammation and a poor immune function is not to be taken lightly. This can make your Body a host to: Autoimmune diseases, Asthma, Allergies, IBS, Digestive diseases, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Premature aging, Heart Disease, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and even Cancer.


4) Get more Sleep.

If you are not getting enough ZZZZZ’s your whole Body, systems and world will feel out of whack. Get your sleep hygiene on. (Stay tuned for this next blog on Sleep Hygiene).

5). Reduce STRESS.

If you are under chronic stress you can become a ticking time bomb. This is the worse thing for your Body, mind and Spirit, This tanks your energy your immune system, your mood, and your Health.

6). Exercise More. Move your Body.

A sedentary lifestyle is the devils play ground. This is where not moving body and sitting way too much brings about all kinds of inflammation, DIS-eases and health issues. Our body needs movement for our immune system, our blood flow, good circulation, getting our lymphatic system to do its thing and to sweat which is one of our Bodies best defenses and DETOX systems.

7). Reduce toxins in Skin care and Beauty products.

Read labels, educate yourself. Our skin is our Body’s biggest organ. Think of the many pores our Body has and how we can be adversely affected by the products we put directly onto our skin.


I am here to help you in anyway I can!

I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach, Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Author, Mindset Mentor and a Licensed Therapist (PTA).

Learn about Holistic living and an integrated lifestyle. I teach people how to get in Shape and become much Healthier from the Inside out.

I custom Design Food Plans tailored for each individual based on your specific conditions, likes and dislikes etc. It is not cookie cutter. Not all plans are for everyone.

I do not believe in DIETS. I do not like anything that has the word DIE in it.

I believe in LIFESTYLE changes. I create LIVE IT plans instead.

Long term=Longstanding Good Health, Longevity and better quality of life.

Reach out to me for packages available. I work with people anywhere in the world.


To Your Ultimate Health and Wellness,

Cindy Cox Ruccolo

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