Balance your hormones Naturally.
Here we go girls:
I understand ladies I am so with you. We get it all too bad so here is what is proven to help us get balanced and to feel better. Now please note **disclaimer** Some women simply need more help than this. For those women I recommend seeing your Ob Gyn or MD and asking for a referral. There are bio identical hormones and the pellet, as well as a compound. I tend to personally prefer a natural plant based vs. a synthetic. It is a very personal choice. Men’s hormones get out of whack too. Their testosterone gets low and they lose that libido and energy levels drop as well.
Please read this to see what you can do right now, start at home today to get feeling better asap.
> Eat Clean- Nothing processed, NO sugar. Eat of the earth. Lean proteins, veggies, fruit, unsalted raw nuts, veggies etc.
> Limit Caffeine- It wrecks havoc on the endocrine system and makes adrenal fatigue worse. Replace this with herbal teas or cut down your caffeine consumption.
> Exercise- A must! Short 20 to 30 min sessions each day help restore much needed balance along with your clean eating. Get your circulation and blood flow happening, sweat out toxins. Be careful because OVER exercising can tax your adrenals too. Moderation. Per everything.
> Limit exposure to pesticides and chemicals- These confuse the system into producing and absorbing toxins and such that tricks and confuses the hormonal system. Some of these things mimic other hormones in the body. Perhaps messing with your estrogen levels.
> Sleep- Very important. This is when our body repairs itself, restores, revitalizes and renews. Also systems like digestion are busy cleaning up the mess.
> Lift Weights- Do not be afraid to lift iron. No you will not get too big, you do not have enough testosterone for that but you may get super awesome and turn into a super fat burning machine. Lift those weights it is excellent for triggering positive responses for your hormonal system.
> Take your vitamins- Your supplements are important because you cannot possibly get everything you need from your diet alone. Our food is just not as nutritious as it once was, it is tainted and our bodies are stressed and taxed. Your vitamins are simply an insurance plan to supplement anything your diet may be lacking. Many good vitamins for attacking a sluggish metabolism and endocrine system. A few important ones.
> Magnesium- I like magnesium oil, does not have to go thru the digestive process and it goes right into our skin, the largest organ on the body. Immediate uptake. Helps me with aches, pains, inflammation and sleep.
> Maca- High in minerals and EFA’s. Helps detox and cleanse the liver, helps with increasing energy and fights fatigue.
> Vitamin D- Supports bones, prevents bone loss joints, and
hormone function, helps the thyroid, fights disease,helps with arthritis, OA, RA, immune system, great if you do not get enough sun.
> Coconut Oil-Helps with fat loss, reduces inflammation. Good healthy fat, Omegas. Building blocks for balancing hormones.

Just a few helpful hints and most of which have certainly helped me here too. *Nothing replaces getting blood work and a saliva test done to see what is really happening in your precious Body!

With love, Cindy