If you find yourself CRAVING Carb’s, not sleeping, can’t seem to turn it all off, stressed to the max, biting your nails, eating out of control…..(speaking from experience), it may not be all your fault. Your brain wiring and processing may just need a rewire (a simple refresh).

If you find yourself with this dilemma and it is outta control, try these:


1. Take supplements. Chromium, CoQ10, Gaba, Fish Oil, and important Vitamin B. (Google these…research them now).
2. Try meditation. Learn how to slow your heart rate, calm your body and quell your stress. Turning it all off for awhile literally halts this issue.
3. Exercise.
4. Eat more protein. It keeps you fuller longer and in turn you do not have such urges for carbs. Btw…Important, not all carbs are bad.
5. Get more sleep. If you are tired, you do not have mental clarity you tend to have more cravings and in turn can have a propensity to make bad choices!