You can change your DNA! Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. #epigenetics Biology of Belief. My fav book!
You do not have to let the Medical Doctors control your health. ‪#takeyourhealthback

If you put your heath in the hands of these of drug pushers they will surely kill you, They killed my mom. ‪#bigpharma. You CAN change your Biology. I Love the studies done ‪#‎neuroscience‬. MRI’s done on the brain. During which they re-train your brain, actual shifts done in the synapses in your brain, they train people how to think about HOW they are thinking. Then do another MRI. Fucking awesome science! Fascinating! You do NOT have to take these VERY DANGEROUS DRUGS. You CAN change your Biology and your DNA! So…..You can’t blame your parents, DNA, in-culturation, or the chemistry of your brain.